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Dear Mr. President: The 130 undersigned religious, education, civil rights, labor, LGBT, women’s, and health organizations write to request that you direct the Attorney General to instruct the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) to review and reconsider its flawed June 29, 2007 Memorandum titled, Re: Application of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
I am amazed at the lack of outrage and movement against the men, and now the women of ISIS who are unabashedly enslaving, sexually and physically assaulting women, girls and no doubt boys, on a daily basis. As the world witnessed the social media onslaught against a dentist who traveled to Africa to slay a lion, (and I am one of those) I ask where is the onslaught in social media and elsewhere against an army of men who can barely be referred to as human beings using the name of their religion and their god to mistreat women in this way?
"Statement on Women’s Rights  
and Non-State Terrorist Groups"
Forbidden Fruit: A Discussion about Science and Human Values Paul Kurtz, interviewed by D.J. Grothe, December 2008 [Editor’s note: In this interview, Paul Kurtz outlines his ideas on how science informs secular morality, and explores why a secular, pro-science morality trumps religious morality when it comes to issues like abortion and gay rights. It was transcribed and edited here for publication, and originally occurred on the Point of Inquiry interview program, which can still be heard online: _forbidden_fruit/] D.J.: Paul Kurtz started it all at the Center for Inquiry, founding the Council for Secular Humanism almost thirty years ago, CSICOP with Carl Sagan and James Randi and others before that, many other organizations. He’s really the leading figure in the organized, humanist and skeptics movements.
Church/State Separation Battles
Conservative theists love to merge religion and state. Even in a predominantly Christian nation such as the U.S., many conservative Jews and Muslims advocate promoting government- sponsored expressions of love for the Deity from non- sectarian points of view.