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The Institute for Science and Human Values, Inc. (ISHV) cultivates and shares secular science, and the use of empirical evidence to inform public policy. For too long, unchurched individuals have agreed that society is in need of a secular system of ethics as a viable alternative to traditional religions. ISHV is focused on meeting this demand.

ISHV has spokespersons, activists, educators, writers and editors with several years of experience in promoting secular ideals and successfully leading secular organizations. We are eager to work with other organizations throughout the world, in efforts to foster ethical ideals and behavior.

To this end, we welcome groups sharing ours aims and objectives to join as affiliate organizations. Through writings, seminars, conferences, media appearances and other endeavors we are certain to make a strong impact on world affairs. Please join us in this worthwhile endeavor. To affiliate please email all contact information to:

Reports From Global Affiliates

Russian Humanists open International Summer School

Dear Paul,

Let me inform you that at the present time the International Summer school is going in Moscow suburb. 24 people came to the Inquiry Center/Russia to study Secular Humanism, critical

thinking, and discuss the prospect of the New Enlightenment in Russia and over the world. Four lecturers work with the participants that are Andrzejy Dominochak (CSF-Poland), Floris van den Berg (CSF-Law Countries), Valerii Kuvakin (CFI-Russia), and Prof Dmitry Leont'ev (Moscow State University). I am happy to say that we are doing very well. During 10 days we plan to have the classes, round tables, and free discussions. Students from Russia and other countries like it very much. Participants ask me to send the photo to you. I am doing that with the great respect and best wishes.



India Against Corruption

Recently Arise Free India organized a get together of Freedom Fighters of 1942 in Mumbai, whom AFI has

interviewed during last 2 years. It was a unique event. Nearly 25 Freedom Fighters were expected. 18 of

them could make it. It was like meeting their contemporaries. If anyone interested in this nationwide project,

please contact.

Total no. of interviews conducted by AFI is 106, which was in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi,

Rajkot, Wardha, Vadodara, Vedachhi, Anand, Kolkatta & in USA.

with regards,

Smita Shah

India Coordinator- Arise Free India (M ) 93234-62100


EDITOR- Sadbhavna Sadhna ( M ) 99203-49177

A Hindi & Gujarati Monthly based on Gandhian Thought

For old & new issues of Sadbhavna Sadhna please visit


I am with INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION for a Corrupt free India…Are you?


First Asian Humanist Congress

For years, organized humanists and skeptics have gathered in China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia. From June 22-23, 2013, the Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society (PATAS) will host the first major meeting of Southeast Asian humanists in Cebu City, the Philippines. (Please register by June 10th).

The historic gathering will be held at the DepEd Ecotech Center in the city. Participants will discuss human rights issues and proposed humanistic solutions. Those attending will come from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and other nations.

PATAS is one of the most impressive humanist organizations in the world. They have thousands of members from all over the Philippines. However,, not all of them will be able to make it to Cebu City for the conference. For that reason, PATAS is trying to raise money to provide transportation and conference registration fees for members in the Manila area. For only $110, a member from Metro Manila would be able to attend.

Those interested in donating to this worthwhile effort may contact Marissa Torres Langseth at

For more information about the conference, visit



Center for Inquiry-Zambia.

Wilfred J. Makayi.


Cell: +260964140304

Jahwar Amber Foundation

Boaz Adhengo

Humanist Alliance Phillipine International (HAPI)

HAPI Secretary Jamie del Rosario Martinez,

Jahziel Tayco Ferrer, AED

Rationalist Society of Australia

Tania Rook

The Freethought Society of SIUE

Jeffrey Elliott, President

The Freethought Society of Tanzania (FREHUSOTA)

Marchades Mbeihwa, Facilitator

London Black Atheists

London, England

Sidmennt, the Icelandic Ethical Humanist Association

Hope Knutsson, President

Website for English language summaries:

National Conference Report, 17 -18 September 2010 In Zomba and Blantrye, Malawi.

Atheist Center, Vijayawada, India

Buddhiwadi Foundation

Nigerian Humanist Movement

Rationalist Association of India

The Radical Humanist and Indian Renaissance Institute

The Indian Radical Humanist Association

Indian Renaissance Institute

Humanists of the Treasure Coast

Critical Thinking Filipinos

Philippine Atheists & Agnostic Society

The Humanist Association of Gambia

Gambia Secular Assembly

Ebou Sohna

Kasese United Humanist Association

Bwambale Robert, Founder & Executive Director

The Swaziland Humanist Movement

Mandla Ntshakala

The Caribbean Atheists

David Ince

The Filipino Freethinkers

Alan Garrick Bercero

Free Society Insitute South Africa

Jacques Rousseau

Embassy Society of Humanism and Freethought

The Women of the Free World Organization (WOFEWO)

Annette Nalunga, Chairwoman,

Indian Humanist Union

Vir Narain, Chairman

Secularism Is A Women's Issue

Indonesian Atheists

Organazacion de Ateos Colombianos (Colombia)

Jorge Hugo Romero Lopez, President

HELU (Humanist Empowerment of Livelihoods in Uganda)

Aggie (Agnes) Ojera

Afghan Atheists Organization (Afghanistan)

India Against Corruption

Humanist Association for
Leadership, Equity and Accountability

African Youth Development Center (AYDC)

Amara Conte, Secretary General, Conakry, Guinea

Liga Humanista Secular do Brasil

(Secular Humanist League of Brazil)

Eli Viera

ArgAtea--Asociacion Civil de Ateos en Argentina


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