These articles are research papers, in contrast to the contributions that fall under the categories POLICY and ETHICS. The subjects include any that relate to humanist ethics and contemporary science issues. In general, authors should include references to reputable texts, the professional literature, or popular accounts of these subjects by recognized authors. The length and thoroughness of these submissions generally exceed that of the more succinct articles under the above mentioned categories.

An example of a paper appropriate for inclusion here appears in the list to the right. This study reviews how certain military chaplains and other officers of the United States Air Force egregiously violated institutional separation of church and state at the Air Force Academy, by actively proselytizing for Evangelical Christianity at this publicly funded institution. The issue clearly violates both the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution, and also violates the humanist ethics of freedom of conscience. Other articles appropriate here include those describing misrepresentation of science to the government in support of a non-science agenda, for which studies have exposed several examples involving certain industries that attempt to silence or distort science in order to avoid costly regulation.

Authors who submit research articles on these and related topics accept personal responsibility for the content. While the ISHV does not attempt to control the content of these articles, those of an inflammatory nature or clearly not relevant to the goals of promoting science and humanistic values will not be included. Nevertheless, we welcome well researched articles that address contemporary topics of a controversial nature in a civil manner.

Research articles on subjects relevant to the goals of the ISHV may be submitted by anyone. These articles will be subjected to a thorough review, should conform to normal standards for a research article with appropriate arguments and references, and should exhibit some familiarity with the goals of the ISHV as described herein elsewhere. The decision for acceptance will lie with the reviewers selected by the ISHV. Submissions for review and possible inclusion should be sent to Stuart Jordan (, who will manage the reviews.
















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Point At Issue

Why A Law On Pregnancy Counselling Is Not Easier Than An Anti-Abortion Onr?


Gabriel Andreescu


How U.S. Equal Pay Law Has Failed Women And Why Some Suggestions For The Future


Marcia S. Cohen, P.A.

Every Child A Wanted Child: A Humanist Manifesto


Ruth Mitchell Ph.D.

chart by Margaret Brown Ph.D.

The Baffling Era Of Religious Suicide-Massacres

Author: James A. Haught

Rape & Sexual Assault in the US Military

Author: A. Hewitt Rose III, J.D.

Religious Discrimination and Proselytizing

in the U.S. Military

Author: A. Hewitt Rose III, J.D.


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