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Decenber 26, 2016


David Breeden, Happy Holidays From the Cruel Optimisms read

Gleb Tsipursky, Guiding Document – Rational Politics read

Michael Shermer, How to Convince Someone When Facts Fail read

Text of PZ Myers’ speech at the organizational meeting read

Mano Singham, Black atheists and feminism (rev. Christopher Cameron’s new book) read

An Evening with Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris (1) read

Valerie Tarico, Why It’s Time to Call Bullshit on Prayer Requests read

The Humanist Hour, The Humanist Hour #222: The Future of Humanism: New Voices for the 21st Century, Part 1 “First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis put on a conference to celebrate their first hundred years as a humanist congregation. The centerpiece of this conference was a panel discussion on the future of humanism, its challenges and what humanism can do to rise to the occasion. The panelists were William Hart, Anthony Pinn, Sonia Sarker, Chris Stedman, and Phil Zuckerman. If you haven’t heard of them all before today, well, that was part of the point of the panel.” listen

Charlie Jane Anders, The New Star Trek Series Finally Realizes Gene Roddenberry’s Ultimate Vision “From its beginnings more than 50 years ago, Star Trek has always been about humanism. Creator Gene Roddenberry was famously a secular humanist himself, and he spoke eloquently about wanting to portray a future in which people use science to solve our own problems.” read

The Humanist Hour #219: Bo Bennett on Uncomfortable Ideas listen

Ernie Chambers, I Am What I Am, and Other Truths read

Sincere Kirabo, Book Review: Is The Atheist My Neighbor? (Randall Rauser) read, David Niose, Why Are We So Powerless? read

Robert M. Price, Is Secular Humanism a Religion After All? read

Ronald A. Lindsay, Male Circumcision and Self-Determination read

David Breeden, Better Living Through #Cynicism read, The Peace Movement and Resistance in Dark Times read

Dave Churvis, Being Openly Secular During the Holidays read

Valerie Tarico, Here are 5 reasons to suspect Jesus never existed read, The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence A Conversation with Stuart Russell listen

David Breeden, Kick the Dog, Pet the Dog—Off-Loading Anxiety read

CFI, The Question Christians Must Now Ask Themselves read

Gleb Tsipursky, Applying The Scientific Method To Charity read, Complexity & Stupidity Podcast Transcript [David Krakauer] listen

Humanist Hub, Humanist Hub Blog Connect. Act. Evolve. read

Colin Marshall, Carl Sagan’s Ambitious College Reading List: Plato, Shakespeare, Gide, and Plenty of Philosophy, Math & Physics (1954) read

[BHA] Lord Dubs awarded Humanist of the Year 2016 read

James A. Haught, Holy Horrors: Witch-Hunts (exc. from 2002 book) read

Obama gives Bill Maher hell about atheists wanting “a little more love”: “You seem to have done all right with your TV show” watch

Rob Boston, Now’s The Time To Recommit To The Vision Of Roger Williams read

Hemant Mehta, Notable Atheists and Scientists Are Disassociating from the Secular Policy Institute (2015) read

Valerie Tarico, If “Nothing Fails Like Prayer,” Why Do People Keep at It? read

Robyn Blumner and Richard Dawkins at Grand Canyon read

David Breeden, A Republic If You Can Keep It read

Andrew Copson, We must resist “debased” forms of freedom of religion or belief read

Decenber 8, 2016


New PRRI survey shows increases in non-religious. read

CFI’s Campaign for Free Expression. read



Rabbi Michael Lerner at Muhammad Ali’s memorial (8 min). watch

Kelly Besecke, Reflexive Spirituality: Seeking the Spiritual Experience in a Modern Society. read

Roy Speckhardt on thelinks between Islam and otrror. read

James Croft, What’s Next? read

Roy Speckhardt, Ignorance Won. Can We Return To Reason? read, We Face a Grim Reality – A Message from the Desk of Eddie Tabash, Chair of the Center for Inquiry read

November 14, 2016


Humanists Stand in Solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe read

Eddie Tabash: Church-State Separation and the Supreme Court in 2016 (50 m). listen

Gleb Tsipursky, How The Trump Foundation Scandal Hurts The Nonprofit Sector read

Gleb Tsipursky, Life’s Most Incredible Events Explained (Just a Coincidence?) read

Humanist Group Combats Religious Discrimination of Homeless, Transgender Individuals read

David Breeden, One hindrted years of humanism at First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, the “cathedral” of religious humanism. read

John Dietrich, pioneer of “religious humanism” is being celebrated at he First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis. Many of his writings are digitally available. read


Sam Harris, The Borders of Tolerance A Conversation with Ayaan Hirsi Ali listen

Perer Singer int. by Sam Harris. listen


Stephen Law, The Evil God Challenge (3 min). watch

National Secular Society (UK) has new video(1 min). watch


October 10, 2016


New PRRI survey shows increases in non-religious. read

CFI’s Campaign for Free Expression. read



Rabbi Michael Lerner at Muhammad Ali’s memorial (8 min). watch

Kelly Besecke, Reflexive Spirituality: Seeking the Spiritual Experience in a Modern Society. read

Roy Speckhardt on the links between Islam and terror. read


” Sam Harris, Building AI. . listen

September 5, 2016


New site: Center for Freethought Equality. read

Robyn Blumner, Democrats diss atheists, but still count on our votes. read

Penn Jillette’s case for libertarianism. read

New Humanist site. read

Victor Narro, Understanding Unconditional Love and Forgiveness from The Gospel of Simon. read

David Niose, Political Progress for Nonreligious Americans. read

IHEU: This is not our secularism / Ce n’est pas notre laïcité. read

Honey Kochphon Onshawee, GlobalPlus: Humility. read

C.J. Polychroniou: Burkini Bans, New Atheism and State Worship: Noam Chomsky on Religion in Politics. read

IHEU: “Timeless Solutions” – Asian Humanism Conference looks to the future. read

Bruno the Brave, Stephanie Merritt. “We don’t know on precisely what grounds Bruno was condemned to death…..[Frances Yates:] ’People like Giordano Bruno are immunised from a sense of danger by their sense of mission, or their megalomania, or the state of euphoria bordering on insanity in which they constantly live.’….Even now, he remains an outsider, and perhaps that is what gives his story its enduring power.” read

Albert Einstein on God. read

John Shook: Panentheism and Peirce’s God: Theology Guided by Philosophy and Cosmology. read

Patheos: The Secular Spectrum (free subscribe). read

Penn Jillette’s case for libertarianism. read

New Humanist site. read

August 20, 2016


Steve Lowe on Ingersoll. read

David Breeden, The Mindfulness of Stoicism (3 of 7). read

David Niose on Politicaal Progress for Nonreligious Americans. read


Hemant Mehta’s site Friendly Atheist. watch


John Lewis with Krista Tippett on learning nonviolence. read

Michael Dowd int. by Carolyn Baker on environment(65 min). listen


August 11, 2016


Phil Zuckerman: Atheism is not “just another religion.” read

Roy Speckhardt on DNC scandal about Sanders. read

Gleb Tsipursky. “A Reason-Oriented Perspective on Meanings and Values.” read

Favid Breeden on Stoic Mindfulness (2 of 6). read

Jason Frye, new CEO of Secular Policy Institute, on Ingersoll.s seularism. read

Robert Price, The Value of Theology for Atheists. “To demythologize is to decode stories of, and beliefs in, God(s), to reveal the self-understandings of those who produce and who live by the myths. People who inherit or embrace (factually erroneous) myth systems assimilate their dictates and definitions. The systems of belief are projections of the “symbolic universes” (Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann) inside the heads of believers. This is the truth of the formula “As above, so below.” Theology does have subject matter: human beings.” read


Rob Bell: How atheist values help correct religion’s mistakes (4 min). watch

George Carlin ”Religion is bullshit” (10 min). watch


Becoming Wise, from Krista Tippett. listen

On Contact. watch


August 4, 2016


David Breeden on cosmopolitanism. “The fearful have throughout our human story hidden behind petty nationalism and worshiped the tribal gods. Through whatever mass panics and witch hunts the fearful fall prey to, Humanists remain cosmopolites. read

Matthew Bulger on DNC’s ignoring non-theists after the hack. read

Luis Granados onDNC insults to atheists. read

Kurt Vonnegut’s advice to people in 2088. read

Gleb Tsipursky, Is serving others the key to meaning and purpose? read

Vlassis Rassias: European true identity was destroyed when Christianity moved in. “Our purpose is clear, to restore the once defeated but not extinct, cultures of joy, freedom, polytheism, dignity, piety and uprightness, and, being a Hellene, please let me ad, of reason, humanism, eunomia and polyarchy.” read

Zoltan Istvan, transhumanist presidential candidate. read

Herb Silverman, Positive Atheism. “Parsing words might be a characteristic of folks engaged in the secular movement. Though there are fine distinctions, which many of us like to argue about, it often comes down more to a matter of taste or comfort level than to deep theological or philosophical differences. read

Sam Harris leads a 26 min. guided meditation. watch

Jason Frye, new CEO of Secular Policy Institute..”As incoming CEO my goal is for our organization to expand our advocacy efforts and our list of distinguished fellows and advocates, and to work with as many groups as possible to achieve these efforts and not explicitly in an “Atheist” capacity, but to work with everyone who affirms two things: 1) The need for secular government, separating church & State with neutrality in this division, and 2) Those affirming the principles illustrated in the Universal Declaration for Human Rights.” read

David Breeden on Stoic mindfulness. read

The Humanist Service Corp of the Foundation Beyond Belief. read

DNC 2016 platform very inclusive — except for ignoring nonbelievers, Raina Lipsitz. read


July 23, 2016


Eric Gordon rev. Roy Speckhardt’s book, Creating Change Through Humanism, in People’s World. read

Yale’s Chris Stedman. read

David Breeden on hope — in this burning world. “No, we haven’t got a prayer. And solutions come and go. The news and the promises drone on. Compassion is what remains. Life itself—being here now—is all anyone has ever had or ever will. It is enough. Our task is to remember.” read

Stephen Law on supernatural beings. read

Noam Chomsky int. by Jorge Majfud for The Humanist. read

Kurt Vonnegut’s 7 pieces of advice (1988). read

Center for Skeptical Inquiry: CSICon2016. read

Roy Speckhardt: Religion: Divorced from the Hallmarks of Rationality. : “Confidence” is a better term than “faith.” read


Big Think posts a number of Penn Gillette videos. watch

The Big Question podcast for children from Humanist Hub. watch

Richard Dawkins: Is the Bible still relevant? (BigThink (56 min). watch

Jerry Coyne: Why Science Leads to Atheism and Humanism (1 h 18 min). watch


July 13, 2016


David Breeden on how we must not rely on religions to avert future Munich Pacts. “Here’s one of my touchstones: Gods that serve as underwriters of our own prejudices are best considered no gods at all…..The democracies eventually won, after they managed to generate even more vehemence and violence than the Axis powers could muster.” read

Ron Reagan 2015 FFFR Unabashed Atheist award. read

David Hoelscher on humanism and socialism. read

Sincere Kirabo on critical thinking, intersectionality, and identity politics. read

David Breeden on working around the problems caused by UUA “pluralism.” read

Gleb Tsipursky on lobbying legislators with reason and science. read

Resolutions at the UUA General Assembly. read

Eric Gordon on AHA Conference (in People’s World). read

Coverage of UUA General Assembly 2016. read

Religious experiences shrink part of brain. read

IHEU on anti-Dalit (caste) laws in India. read


Roy Speckhardt defines humanism (3 min). watch

AHA 2016 Conference onlines at YouTube. watch


David Krakauer with Sam Harris on Complexity and Stupidity. . listen

Daniel Dennett with Sam Harris on free will. read

July 1, 2016


David Breeden on why “a good life” is currently absent from political discourse. read

Sincere Kirabo on creating humanist change by activism. read

Justice Alito’s attack on atheists: Jan Millhiser. “The implication of Alito’s opinion is that the only basis for a moral or ethical viewpoint is religious faith. But that is an offensive suggestion that redefines the words “moral” and “ethical” in an idiosyncratic way.” read

New Ways to join CFI. read


Ryann Somma: celebrating 50 years of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek. “In contrast, for over five decades Star Trek has remained positive, philosophical, and moral, portraying a society built on Enlightenment values.” read

June 22, 2016


David Breeden on Orlando. “Calling a lie a lie isn’t to fall victim to cynicism. It is, rather, the first step to seeing the problem clearly. We must work to liberate those oppressed by the society we find ourselves living in at the present.” read

British Humanist Association’s positions on the election. read

John W. Loftos, Debunking Christianity. read

Valerie Tarico: Evangelicals lke Trump because he is like the OT God. read

A brief history of Carl Sagan. read

William Eamon on six centuries of secularism. “Most historians agree that secularisation took hold in the period known as the ‘early modern’ – the era between about 1500 and 1750, when science, capitalism, religious crisis and the growth of centralised states coalesced to reshape Western consciousness.….In 1535, a Frankfurt printer named Christian Egenolff published the booklet Kunstbüchlein (Skills Booklet)….Another, far more famous, Renaissance how-to book that changed the course of history was Niccolò Machiavelli’s The Prince (1532) – a deeply pragmatic text about how to gain power and keep it.”…. [contra Weber] “Freed of ‘superstitious’ magical rituals, religion became a matter of internal conviction. But this claim is dubious. Technical literacy, then, led straight to Weber’s ‘disenchantment of the world’. It was a direct consequence of those how-to books that translated mysterious craft secrets into simple rules….Weber’s concept of charismatic leadership offers some insights. Charisma is founded on perceptions. It tends to arise in crisis situations.” read

Supports and challenges for humanists. Carlin Romano rev. Michael Puett and Christine Gross-Loh’s new book on ancient Chinese wisdom for present dilemmas. read


Richard Dawkins, Reason Rally video, The God Temptation (7 min). watch

Cosmology Today. watch

The Humanist Report with Mike Figueredo. watch

he Young Turks interviews. watch


Sam Harris’ new podcasts on The End of Faith. watch

Veritas Forum (Harvard-MIT). read

June 13, 2016


Ibn Warraq’s site includes this article on “How to argue with a Muslim : ‘Out of Context’.” read

Robert M. Price’s Patreon site. read

Robert Price, It All Boils Down to Stoicism. read

Univ. of Miami establishes chair for study of atheism. read

New Pew Research on atheists. read

Browse Daily Good. read

Gretta Vosper int. by Sincere Kirabo on being an atheist minister. read

David Breeden on humanism’s history and present. “Humanism is not a philosophy. It is a way of thinking. This naturalistic way of thinking values observation and reason, seeks to promote human liberation and justice, and works to benefit the planet and its living things. Humanism is about living a shared life and achieving a shared world.” read

Bertrand Russell has been a major mover of many toward humanism, and here are some of his favorite words. Check out the Open Culture site, one of the greatest web resources I have found. read

Einstein’s humanitarian roles — and his “cosmic religion.” read

Barry Klassel on finding “common ground” in interfaith activities. read


Susanne Werner on anti-vaccination movement. watch


Neil deGrasse Tyson with Sam Harris. listen

May 30, 2016


David Niose: Trump’s success shows how vulnerable US is to a form of fascism. read

May 21, 2016


Sincere Kirabo’s rejection of “village atheism” deserves lots of discussion by serious humanists. “an overarching problem that’s festered within secular (both atheist and humanist) spaces since the New Atheism came into vogue. I call it “village atheism.”

I coined the term to classify a self-contained community of socially unaware atheists who reside within and reinforce a feedback loop of ignorance. This subset of nonbelievers is overly wowed by the low bar it requires to recognize the inadequacy of the God hypothesis. Meanwhile, in many ways, they preserve or encourage a bounty of beliefs that are just as oppressive and pernicious.” read

David Breeden on religions and relationships. read

Day of Reason, June 4. CFI will be live-streaming. read

Nicholas Baumgard: As environments approve, religions will die out. read


Krista Tippett’s The Mystery and Art of Living. listen

Godless, forthcoming – trailer. watch


Krista Tippett’s Becoming Wise series. read

May 6, 2016


Desert Hawk’s World of Freethought. read

Positive Atheism. read

Greta Vosper, atheist minister in United Church of Canada. Current deliberations will explore boundaries. read

Candidate Raskin’s problems with being labelled “atheist.” read

WAPO: Raskin Jewish, not atheist. read

Secular Web Library. historical read modern read

Gabe Bullard: World’s newest religion: no religion. read

Austin Cline on technology vs Religion, Technology as Religion. read

Austin Cline on whether we have rational or rationalized beliefs. read

Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. read

Robyn Blumner’s newsletters (Richard Dawkins Foundation — and Center for Inquiry) also have useful appendages. read


Thomas Jefferson Ken Burns film . . read

A C Grayling, What can a humanist make of war?’(1 h 10 min). watch

Openly Secular is a Facebook site enabling many people to come out. watch

Richard Dawkins lecture on Evolution (1h 25 min). watch

Lawrence Krauss discussion with Richard Dawkins about Education, Universe and Evolution (1 h 25 min). watch

Lawrence Krauss vs Christians on Q&A — Amazing Debate (1 h). watch

William Kane Craig and Lawrence Krauss (1 h 59 min). watch

Lawrence Krauss DESTROYS Hamza Tzortzis Islam vs Atheism Debate (2h 15 min). watch

Is Earth Unique? Hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson (1 h 53 min). watch

Stephen Colbert int. Neil deGrasse Tyson (1h 18 min). watch

Jerry Coyne, Evolution and atheism: best friends forever? (1 h , 21 min). watch

Morgan Freeman’s National Geographic series The Story of God concludes with the question of miracles. read

Morgan Freeman’s 2012 Science film, Through the Wormhole, views God a a human invention. read

PBS Hank Green on “intelligent design” (9 min) Excellent. watch


Sam Harris and Jerry Coyne. 2015. Faith vs. Fact. watch

April 23, 2016


Cong. Honda wants National Day of Reason (for the 28 percent who don’t have a god). read

Ken Ham (Creation Museum, Ark Encounter) wonders why atheists care. read

D.J. Tice: While the West grows secular, the world gets religion. read

Yale’s Green Light Project. James Croft praises: “If Humanism is ever going to become a replacement for religion, providing nonreligious people with a similar sense of inspiration and direction, then we Humanists must embrace the mythic part of our humanity: we must make music and dream dreams.” (video clip included). read

Valerie Tarico on religion as addiction. read

Valerie Tarico’s Wisdom Commons. read

Gene Zubovich: The strange and short career of Judeo-Christianity. “During the Second World War, a spirit of national unity finally made the notion of Judeo-Christianity common, as Jews and Catholics were publically welcomed as junior partners in the country’s national life…..As Herberg saw it, Judeo-Christianity arose because secularism had failed and three vibrant faiths stepped in to fill that vacuum…..Evangelicals, meanwhile, resisted the encroaching pluralism…..evangelicals now accepted Catholics and Jews as important allies in the fight against abortion, feminism and gay rights…..The short career of Judeo-Christianity has already lasted too long.” read

Secular Directory for finding local groups. read


Bill Maher calls for taxes on all religions. “Why should I subsidize ‘a homophobic magic act’? watch


Max Tegmark on the multiverse with Sam Harris. watch

April 11, 2016


Homeschooling for the non-religious?? read

Merrill Miller: Many non-believers on god still believe in heaven/hell. read

Carl Sagan’s Baloney Detection Kit (plus similar links). read

David Breeden’s essay on humanist “humility” ends with a useful quote from Marcus Aurelius. But before that: “we believe that human beings create human problems and that only human beings can solve those problems in a way that is satisfactory to humanity.” read


Gene Roddenberry’s (Star Trek) humanism, discussed by Susan Sackett and Scott Lohmann. read

April 4, 2016


David Breeden on identity and integrity (and Tyndale). read

New study on science v. religion sees differing brain structures. “The research is based on the hypothesis that the human brain has two opposing domains in constant tension…..the brain has an analytical network of neurons that enables us to think critically and a social network that enables us to empathize.” read

James Lindsay’s new book says anti-god arguments no longer necessary: David Chivers’ critical review. read

Norwegian non-theism now over 50 percent, and UK moving closer to that level. read

Tom Frank on how Democrats created the liberalism of the rich. read

Darren Sherkat: Atheists less Islamaphobic than Christians. read

The regular emails 0f The Richard Dawkins Foundation now aggregate many articles of humanist interest. read

Gleb Tsipursky’s article on finding meaning in a non-Western modernity. read

Nigel Barber: Educated people more likely to be atheists (2014). read

James Croft on how the UUA is betraying humanists in the BSA linkage. read

vAustin Cline on differences between faith and knowledge. read


Sincere Kirabo, AHA’s new social justice coordinator. listen

Life After God . read


The Secular Humanist Society of New York has been producing many videos that communicate humanist concerns very effectively. GREAT new episode! watch

Carl Sagan and Studs Terkel on extraterrestials. watch

50 famous academics and scientists talk about God (links to another 50 and to 30 writers). watch

Morgan Freeman’s The Story of God begins April 3 on National Geographic channel. Trailers indicate that it will be worth watching. watch

March 22, 2016

Bob Bhaerman on humanism in literature. read

David Breeden: Humanist Ritual, Part One. read

David Breeden: Humanist Ritual, Part Two. read

Einstein’s spirituality: Carol Kuruvilla. read

Andrew Aghapour and Michael Schulson weigh charges of “white supremacy” against Sam Harris. (…essentialist rhetoric about minority groups still has mass appeal. And the odd convergence between Harris’ rationalism and the political far-right is a reminder that not even rationalists are immune to the specter of prejudice.” read

Eileen Barker on the expanding forms of Paganism. read

Harvard’s Pluralism Project has new site. read

The Humanist EDge, postings by graduates of The Humanist Institute. read

The Orbit: New atheist social justice blog site. read read

Mark Vernon on Plato’s continuing value as a secular moral philosopher. read

March 8, 2016

Richard Carrier int. by J.J. Chipchase on moral theory and truth. read

David Breeden on #Humanism. read

Patrick Frank contends that “progressivism” is hostile to humanism. read

Richard Carrier argues for polygamy. read

Maria Popova: What makes a person: Seven layers of identity in literature and life. read

AZ lawmaker’s atheist prayer rejected by colleagues. read

James Croft’s latest Temple of the Future articles. read

AHA: The Cartoon History of Humanism. read

PZ Myers critiques Sam Harris. read

Frank Sinatra’s 1963 Playboy interview. read

Pelagia Horgan on Fra Angelico’s art as seen by an unbeliever. read

Noam Chomsky’s movie, Requiem for the American Dream. (David Swanson). read

February 6, 2016

Austin Cline on Secularism vs Secularization. read

Barbara Walker on her path to humanism. read

John Oliver explains how he created “Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption.” watch

Albert Einstein on religion. read

Research on imaginary talks with an atheist. read

Soraya Chemaly on why its so difficult for women to join the atheist movement. read

Maggie Ardiente on the Secular Social Justice Conference. read

David W. Noble on the “Second Scientific Revolution.” This major historian explores the interactions of tradition and modernity in shaping ideologies of historical interpretation — and his own changing “heresies.”. read

Massimo Pigliucci on the current controversy over a Dawkins tweet and his disinvitation to a Skeptics conference. “I sincerely wish them all the best for a speedy and safe transition to maturity.” read

Austin Cline: philosophy of religion and humanism; religious and secular humanism. read

Placing Richard Dawkins, 40 years after The Selfish Gene — John Brockman. read

Lawrence Davidson on the downside of institutionalized religion. “Because ideologies distort reality, they are particularly unsuited for those aspiring to power as well as their devoted supporters. History is full of examples of politically powerful ideologies that underscore this fact: fascism, communism, various military cults (particularly popular in South America and the Middle East) and even the ideology of democracy as manipulated by corrupt elites, who play the Pied Piper to the masses. “ And then there’s religion! …A better lesson learned seems to be: if you want to be religious, keep it personal and tolerant, avoid tendencies toward institutionalization beyond the level of local charity and organized good works, and stay clear of political alliances. “read

Myriam Renaud on “inherent dignity.” read

David Breeden on humanist economics. read

PZ Myers on the Dawkins critics. read

Podcasts from Minneapolis First Unitarian Society. listen

“So That Happened,” HuffPost’s podcasts. . listen

Richard Carrier on his brother’s podcast. listen

Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn int. by Sasha Lilley (1 hr 47 min). watch

Brief reviews of forthcoming Noam Chomsky documentary Requiem for the American Dream. read

Thom Hartmann on Flint water privatizations blame and on Johnson Controls moving to Ireland. watch

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