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May 11, 2017


David Breeden, Assumptions are Imaginary But They’re not Social read

David Breeden sees current UUA turmoil in the flawed documents of the US tradition. Following Jean-Luc Nancy, “If you don’t have freedom and rights, I don’t have freedom and rights—all I have is domination. And domination isn’t freedom or rights. Being exists because of being-with—I exist because you exist as a free agent in community exactly as I do, and visa-versa. That’s community. That’s freedom….It’s an American problem. Perhaps the US simply can’t reach consensus on this sort of social imaginary. Might one tiny little religion? Hmmmmm.” read

David Breeden. Savoring The Milquetoast: Why This Humanist Remains a Unitarian Universalist “think the answer is an essential insight of Humanism: to universalize is to tyrannize. Universalizing Humanism, even if we think it is the only and the one true way, creates tyranny. Perhaps we think that this particular tyranny is the truth, yet the insight deconstructs itself when examined closely. Perhaps there are universal human truths; but who decides or declares that universality? Partial truth and relativized understanding appear to be the eternal human condition. This reminder may be the greatest gift of Unitarian Universalism to Humanists. UUism, with its insistence on creed-less gathering, is always going to seem a bit old fashioned and quaint to Humanist ears. Yet when we look at the religious spectrum and compare the state of UUism to the other end of the religious spectrum . . . well, milquetoast tastes very wholesome, doesn’t it? How’s that for a reminder?” read

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David Breeden, Savoring The Milquetoast: Why This Humanist Remains a Unitarian Universalist read

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