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December 12, 2017

Jack Meserve, How a Skeptic Became a Stoic  (Massimo Pigliucci)  read

Trav Mamone, If the World Was Ending, What Would Your Last Message Be?  read

Andrew Copson addresses Parliament’s human rights committee about free speech on campus  read

Humanists celebrate end of NHS homeopathy prescriptions in England  read

Dale McGowan,, Santa Claus – The Ultimate Dry Run   “By letting our kids participate in the Santa myth and find their own way out of it through skeptical inquiry, we give them a priceless opportunity to see a mass cultural illusion first from the inside, then from the outside.{ read

James Croft int. on podcast  listen

Greta Christina, History Has its Eyes on Us “Let’s be the people we admire. Let’s make history proud of us.” read

UK, National Secular Society    read

IHEU, Secularism ‘regressing on a global scale’, says report  (link to important 2017 world report)   read

Institute of Arts and Ideas, Philosophy for our Times. A series of debates on religions. Search and watch    watch

David Breeden,, Righteousness Fatigue  read

J. H. McKenna, Believe One Miracle And You’ve No Excuse For Disbelieving All Other Miracles  read

Adam Roberts, Arthur C Clarke at 100: still the king of science fiction  read

When their community needed help, the SSA chapter in Puerto Rico was there with food, help, and hugs.  read

Alice Calaprice, Albert Einstein, the Humanitarian In her foreward to this book [The Cosmic View of Albert Einstein (Sterling Publishing, 2013 by Walt Martin and Magda Ott]  “I believe in Spinoza’s God, who reveals himself in the lawful harmony of the world, not in a God who concerns himself with the fate and the doings of mankind.” In this way, Einstein was unifying science and religion, and referred to himself as a “deeply religious nonbeliever. Moreover, being open-minded and inclusive in his worldview, he found Jesus, Buddha, and Moses equally compelling as prophets.”   read

Demian Wheeler on religious naturalism    watch

Unitarian Universalist Statement on Economic Inequity   read


November 11, 2017



Ethical Culture Journal October 2017 read

Gregory A. Smith, A growing share of Americans say it’s not necessary to believe in God to be moral read

Roy Speckhardt, The Religious Right Is Selling Its Soul read

David Niose, Boy Scouts Still Shut the Door on Some Kids read

Sincere Kirabo, Fostering Inclusive Humanism at FERAL read

Elizabeth O’Casey, Where there is state religion, there is less freedom read

Hackney History of Charles Bradlaugh read

David Breeden, Reasons for Breaking a Windshield read

Barb Lutz, Take it from me: How not to handle military condolences calls read

Hemant Mehta,, Rep. Jared Huffman Announces He’s a Humanist: “I Don’t Believe in God” read

Humanist Ring Jennifer Hancock’s sites

Chris Sloggett, ‘Life of Brian,’ 38 Years On: De Facto Blasphemy is Alive and Well read

Recovering from Religion Site, podcasts

David Breeden,The Virtue of Not Being Above Average read

Hemant Mehta. Does Your Church Have Secrets? FaithLeaks Wants To Know All About Them read

Hemant Mehta, Far Too Many Americans Consider Themselves “Spiritual But Not Religious” “It’s a strange euphemism. It’s meaningless, yet worthy of mockery.: read

Julian Baggini, I still love Kierkegaard read

Vikram Zutshi, In Praise of Blasphemy read

Gregory A. Smith, A growing share of Americans say it’s not necessary to believe in God to be moral read

Dennis Rasmussen, He died as he lived: David Hume, philosopher and infidel read

Jennifer Bardi, Gamm On: The Humanist Interview with Philanthropist Gordon Gamm read

David Breeden,Yes, But What Is Humanism? read

Unitarian Universalists for a Just Economic Community (UUJEC) read

Michael Shermer, Scientific Naturalism: A Manifesto for Enlightenment Humanism read

SOPHIE ELMHIRST, Philip Pullman Returns to His Fantasy World read

Religious Naturalism and Its Place in the Family of Religions read

. How Kurt Vonnegut Found His Voice and His Themes read

Michael Shermer, Why Skepticism Is the Right Approach to the Afterlife, Immortality, and Utopia read

David Breeden, Marcus Aurelius, from Exhortations to Himself read


September 18, 2017

Philip Pullman int. by Peter Jukes.  “Nearly all the influences Pullman has cited so far have a religious background, and so, inverting Blake’s comment on Milton, I ask him: ‘Aren’t you really of the believer’s party without knowing it?’ He’s amused by the thought. ‘I probably am,’ he says. ‘I’m religious, but I’m an atheist. I think religious questions are the big questions. Where did we come from? What is life about? What is evil? Those are questions I do think about.’” read


Reasons to Believe, Michael Shermer+  (1h 2 m)   watch


The Fight for our Philosophy is a Council for Secular Humanism symposium appearing in Free Inquiry/ Part 2 (of 3) is in Oct.Nov. issue. Many essential issues for humanists discussed here. See current introductions by Judy Walker and Tom Flynn.      read    read


'Is religion dying out in Britain?' Andrew Copson on Sunday Morning Live (18m)  watch


Dean Burnett, Why religious belief isn't a delusion – in psychological terms, at least  “Well, it shouldn’t be, because as they say, “You talk to God, you’re religious. God talks to you, you’re psychotic.” That’s a line from the TV show House MD, delivered by the eponymous acerbic medic played by Hugh Laurie.”   read


Unbelievable? Can secularism save the West? Peter Hitchens & Andrew Copson  (1h 22m)  watch


JULIAN BAGGINI, Truth? It’s not just about the facts  "At the same time, what is important about the truth is always relative to the knower. The mathematician, the scientist, the artist, the historian and the religious believer are not always concerned with the same truths or the same aspects of truth. Truth is not relative, but we relate to it in innumerable ways.”  read


rjosephhoffmann, Moral Outrage  read


link to discussion guide for Anthony Pinn’s When Colorblindness Isn't The Answer  read


Julian Baggini, , The triage of truth: do not take expert opinion lying down  “This triage gives us a procedure but no algorithm. It does not dispense with the need to make judgments, it simply provides a framework to help us do so.”   read


Joe Chuman, Ethical Culture Beyond Belief and Humanism’s,Farther Reaches (40m)  watch


Gleb Tsipursky,  Matching Challenge  watch


Amy Couch, , Happy. Healthy. Heathen. An Interview with Recovering from Religion's Gayle Jordan  read


David Niose, Ignorance Isn't Bliss—It's Frightening  read


Donald A. Collins , Bannon tells the secular truth about religious perfidy  read


Dean Burnett, Why aren’t religious views classed as delusions? Religious beliefs are typically incompatible with scientific evidence and observable reality, but aren’t considered to be delusions. Why not?  read


Tim Denning, My Incredibly Simple Guide To Stoicism — Learn Wisdom You Can Practically Use  read




Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) searchable site  read


Religion Vs Atheism | Philosophy Tube  watch


Steven Pinker: The Elephant, the Emperor, and the Matzo Ball (2016  43m)  watch


Michael Shermer rev. Sapolsky  read


Robyn Blumner, Religion Is An Empirical Question –– Finally   see Inquiry editorial by president/CEO of Center for Inquiry. ‘Even if we acknowledge some psychological benefits, religion is a costly exercise for individuals and groups.”  read


Josh Jones, An Animated Introduction to Stoicism, the Ancient Greek Philosophy That Lets You Lead a Happy, Fulfilling Life  watch


September 1, 2017

Jason Gots, Richard Dawkins – Red in Tooth and Claw – Think Again – a Big Think Podcast #112 “In this episode, which Dawkins described as “one of the best interviews I have ever had,” Richard and Jason talk about whether pescatarianism makes any sense, where morality should come from (since, as Hume says, “you can’t get an ‘ought’ from an ‘is’), the greatness of Christopher Hitchens, and the evils of nationalism. watch

High demand for non-religious pastoral care “Our answer to this problem has been the Non-Religious Pastoral Support Network” read

The Humanist Interview with Philanthropist Gordon Gamm )Jennifer Bardi) “…growing up Jewish at a time shortly after the Holocaust, I think there was a lot of emphasis on critical thinking and on accepting the fact that we were the minority in a majority Christian nation, which meant that we had to think independently about morality.” read

Amy Couch, Can Good be Good if Nobody Knows It? read

Luis Granados, Rules Are focr Schmucks: The Rodney Dangerfield of Religions read

Meghan Hamilton, Clarifying Humanism through the Haze of Equivocation “Humanism is good without a god. Humanism is doing good without a god. Humanism means the progression of society, of humanity, and of people as individuals” read

Joseph Blankholm, Atheists in the Pantheon “If we tell their story another way, nonbelievers become a very strange thing: a disavowed tradition in American thought that looks a lot like a religious tradition of its own. Nonbelievers appear to be a believing minority whose beliefs are so antithetical to the hegemonic Christian culture that they are illegible as beliefs and can only be seen as the antithesis of belief itself. Perhaps it’s time we gave atheists a place in the pantheon.” read

Alex J. O’Connor, So Much for a Finely Tuned Universe (Hemant Mehta,) watch, What Does Secular Humanism Have to Say about the Hate in Charlottesville? read

Thomas MacMillan, Everyone’s Suspicious of Atheists — Even Other Atheists. Studies by Will Gervaid, Joseph Baker read

August 5, 2017


Omar Baddar, Challenge Sam Harris for His Bigoted Statements and Like Any Cult Leader, He’ll Say You Don’t Understand Him read

Frances Dinkelspiel, KPFA cancels Richard Dawkins’ speech because of his tweets about Islam read

National Review pronounces the death of New Atheism read

Joan Reisman-Brill, The Humanist Dilemma: Is there Space for Any Supernaturalism in the Humanist Circle? read

Jennifer Bardi, Phoning It In for the Family? Researchers suggest it may better to make a slow and subtle break from the religion of your parents read

Meredith Thompson, What Are “Ag-Gag” Laws and Why Should Humanists Oppose Them? read

James Croft, “The Experience of God” Review – Chapter Three, Part One read

Robert M Price, Hallucinating the Archetypes read


Michael Shermer, Scientific Naturalism: A Manifesto for Enlightenment Humanism read

Elizabeth O’Casey, Humanists, religious leaders and the UN launch Beirut Declaration on combating human rights abuse read

Jeremy Lent, The dangerous delusions of Richard Dawkins read

David Breeden, #Epicurus and Atomic Moderation read

‘Atheist’ Gene Roddenberry’s ‘Star Trek’ Franchise Forbids The Word ‘God’: Is New ‘Discovery’ Anti-Religion? read

Neil Carter, Why Losing God Hits Some of Us Harder read

Secular Elected Officials read

A.M. Gittlitz, ‘Make It So’: ‘Star Trek’ and Its Debt to Revolutionary Socialism read

David Breeden, The Danger is in Not Being You read

July 8, 2017


Sonja L. Cohen, Assembly adopts economic inequality Statement of Conscience read

Matthew Bulger, Master of None Masters Non-Confrontational Religious Disaffiliation “Comedian Aziz Ansari’s semi-autobiographical Netflix series” read

James Croft, The Pride of a Humanist read

Elaine McArdle, Board of Trustees appoints Commission on Institutional Change read

James Croft, Humanism Has Limits. Obviously. Is anti-dacism a dogma? read

Kris Willcox, Looking back: Roger Nash Baldwin, Unitarian co-founder of ACLU read

Glastonbury of Freethinkers”: conference on freedom of conscience and expression read

The Rosalind Franklin Lecture 2016, with Dame Anne Glover | Why evidence really matters (1h 20m) watch 


Landscapes of Mind A Conversation with Kevin Kelly (with Sam Harris) watch

The Darwin Day Lecture 2017, with Lawrence Krauss | Cosmic Natural Selection (1h 12m) watch


Gleb Tsipursky, Toward a Post-Lies Future read

The 2017-2018 Humanist Service Corps team is in place read

Landscapes of Mind A Conversation with Kevin Kelly (with Sam Harris) watch

Fred Edwords, Why Religious Education Is Needed in Public Schools read

James Croft, If You’re Not for Racial Justice, You’re Not a Humanist read

Gleb Tsipursky, Being A Weird American on Independence Day read

The Politics of Emergency A Conversation with Fareed Zakaria (Sam Harris) watch

Elias Leight, Yoko Ono Will Receive Songwriting Credit on John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ read

John Scales Avery, Henry David Thoreau, We Need Your Voice Today! read

Leaving Islam A Conversation with Sarah Haider (Sam Harris) watch

What is Technology Doing to Us? (Tristan Harris with Sam Harris) watch

Beauty and Terror A Conversation with Lawrence Krauss (Sam Harris) watch

Mikki Morrissette , Being known versus knowing read

Maria Popova, Erich Fromm’s 6 Rules of Listening: The Great Humanistic Philosopher and Psychologist on the Art of Unselfish Understanding read

Valerie Tarico, Does Christianity Make An Idol Out of the Human Mind? read

Barna, Meet the “Spiritual but Not Religious” read


June 8. 2017


Richard Dawkins, Cause & Effect CFI page read

Sam Harris: The Road to Tyranny A Conversation with Timothy Snyder watch

richard lloyd jones, Largest UU church votes to move downtown (Tulsa) read, Ethical Humanism read

Network for Church Monitoring, Church and State read

Paul Cliteur, Is There Another Way to Discover the Truth than by Free Discussion? read

John B. Hooper, Humanist EDge: Educating Strong Humanist Leaders read

Anthony B. Pinnm Humanism and the Challenge of Privilege read

Clay Farris Naff, The Humanevangelist: To End War, We Must First Understand I read

Donald A. Collins, Organized Religions Are Organized To Control Their Laities’ Lives read

Antonia Blumberg, New Study Suggests U.S. Has A Lot Of ‘Closet’ Atheists read

Valerie Tarico and David Fitzgerald, Evidence for Jesus is weaker than you might think read

Marlin Lavanhar, Love Where We Are (Meadville/Lombard Commencement address (also audio link) read

John Scales Avery, We Need Their Voices Today: Thomas Paine read

PZ Myers, Ken Ham, black person who is a pale shade of beige read

The Unraveling A Conversation with David Frum.Sam Harris watch

Valerie Tarico, What if Jesus Never Existed? An Interview with History Writer David Fitzgerald read

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Colbert discuss whether god exists (5m) watch

Valerie Tarico & David Fitzgerald, Evidence for Jesus is Weaker than You Might Think read

David Breeden, Getting It Right Like the BCE read

Andrew Hall, Scientists Prove Atheists Don’t Exist {unusual journal!) read

2017 Secular Values Summit read

Michael Shermer, If There is No God, is Murder Wrong? (8m) watch

Trav Mamone, Global Restrictions on Religion Rise Modestly in 2015, Reversing Downward Trend read

Valerie Tarico, Would You Like to Have a Kid in the Next Year? read

Dan Colman, Richard Dawkins on Why We Should Believe in Science: “It Works … Bitches” read

Nathan, Reza Aslan filmed the lost “Flying Spaghetti Monster” episode in Bolingbrook (Fiction) read

CFI’s 2016 Progress Report read

David Breeden, Meaning, Purpose, and Individualism: Thinking Our Way Out of Self-Reliance read

Brief encounter: Steven Pinker read

Adam Parker, Herb Silverman reflects on his life, beliefs as a public atheist read

Michael Werner, Let’s Celebrate! read

Marcus Ranum, Book Review: History of Skepticism (Popkin) read

Ask Me Anything 7, Sam Harris deals with questions about his podcast with Charles Murray watch

Let There Be Cake: An Interview with Maggie Ardiente read

Valerie Tarico, Can Bacteria Help Us Understand Religion? Part 1 read , Part 2 read , Part 3 read, Part 4 read

Humanists murdered in three countries read

David Breeden, Getting It Right Like the BCE read

Karla Gachet, Massimo Pigliucci on Seneca’s Stoic philosophy of happiness – Massimo Pigliucci read

Joan Reisman-Brill, The Humanist Dilemma: Who Knew Sexuality Was So Complicated? read

2016 Secular Social Justice Conference features largest gathering of atheist of color activists read

Maggie Ardiente, No, President Trump, We’re Not “A Nation of Believers” read

Tom Gilson, Christianity, Women, and How Atheists Avoid the Facts That Matter read


May 30, 2017


Emily Newman, Humanist Edge: Moving from Hate to Humanism: Why Humanist Education is Needed Now readThe Freedom of Thought Report — on discrimination against Humanists, Atheists, and the Nonreligious read


Christopher Cameron, Black atheists matter: how women freethinkers take on religion read


Alex Johnson, With Obama’s Signature, U.S. Religious Freedom Law Protects Atheists read, Azadi for only few ? read

Explicit Bi Any Means Podcast #84: Rational Politics with Gleb Tsipursky listen

The Humanist Hour #226: Galen Broaddus and Nick Little on the Illinois Secular Celebrant Victory listen

David Breeden, “Great Men” and the Tide of History read

Tom Flynn, For Seculars, Challenges Ahead read, Superintelligence: Science or Fiction? (1h) watch

James Croft, I Used to Think Like Dave Rubin. Then I Woke Up. read

Gleb Tsipursky, Collaborative Truth-Seeking read

Gleb Tsipursky, Preserving Our Democracy on Valentine’s Day read, 43% of universities restrict speech that might “offend” religious people read Pupils should have the same entitlement to religion and belief education – NSS tells RE Commission read

Hemant Mehta NH Republican State Rep. Brandon Phinney Refers to Religion as “Archaic Beliefs That Deny Reality” read

David Breeden, A Toolkit for Resisting Totalitarianism read

Nathan Schneider, How much does it matter whether God exists? “I believe in God, but I often find more common cause with those who say they don’t than those who say they do. I’ve come to care less whether anyone says they believe in God or not, and to care more about what they mean by that, and what they do about it.” read

Brief encounter: Steven Pinker read

Post-Truth Trump And Why Humanism Is The Answer To Anti-Facts read

Joseph Chuman, A Defense of Dignity read

Neil Carter, Parenting Children Who Still Believe read

Adam Parker, Herb Silverman reflects on his life, beliefs as a public atheist read

Daniel Cox, Way More Americans May Be Atheists Than We Thought read

David Breeden, I’m an Atheist! Now What? read

Michael Werner, Let’s Celebrate! read

Let There Be Cake: An Interview with Maggie Ardiente read

Sincere Kirabo, Dear White Progressives… read

Ask Me Anything 7, Sam Harris deals with questions about his podcast with Charles Murray watch

Ed Buckner, It’s a Free Country, Not a Christian Nation read

Joan Reisman-Brill, The Humanist Dilemma: Should Religion Be Banned? read

Valerie Tarico, Can Bacteria Help Us Understand Religion? Part 1 read , Part 2 read , Part 3 read, Part 4 read

David Breeden, Getting It Right Like the BCE read

Valerie Tarico, What Christianity and Kink Have in Common read

2016 Secular Social Justice Conference features largest gathering of atheist of color activists read

Bart Campolo on Why I Left, Why I Stayed (link to audio) read

Maggie Ardiente, No, President Trump, We’re Not “A Nation of Believers” read


May 11, 2017


David Breeden, Assumptions are Imaginary But They’re not Social read

David Breeden sees current UUA turmoil in the flawed documents of the US tradition. Following Jean-Luc Nancy, “If you don’t have freedom and rights, I don’t have freedom and rights—all I have is domination. And domination isn’t freedom or rights. Being exists because of being-with—I exist because you exist as a free agent in community exactly as I do, and visa-versa. That’s community. That’s freedom….It’s an American problem. Perhaps the US simply can’t reach consensus on this sort of social imaginary. Might one tiny little religion? Hmmmmm.” read

David Breeden. Savoring The Milquetoast: Why This Humanist Remains a Unitarian Universalist “think the answer is an essential insight of Humanism: to universalize is to tyrannize. Universalizing Humanism, even if we think it is the only and the one true way, creates tyranny. Perhaps we think that this particular tyranny is the truth, yet the insight deconstructs itself when examined closely. Perhaps there are universal human truths; but who decides or declares that universality? Partial truth and relativized understanding appear to be the eternal human condition. This reminder may be the greatest gift of Unitarian Universalism to Humanists. UUism, with its insistence on creed-less gathering, is always going to seem a bit old fashioned and quaint to Humanist ears. Yet when we look at the religious spectrum and compare the state of UUism to the other end of the religious spectrum . . . well, milquetoast tastes very wholesome, doesn’t it? How’s that for a reminder?” read

Adam Parker, Herb Silverman reflects on his life, beliefs as a public atheist read

Michael Stone, Neil deGrasse Tyson Finds No Evidence For God’s Existence read

David Breeden, Savoring The Milquetoast: Why This Humanist Remains a Unitarian Universalist read

D. Ashley Campbell, Science Mike Building a “Christian Science” Liturgy for the Nones read

rjosephhoffmann, Are new Prezident read

Anthony B. Pinn, Humanism and the Challenge of Privilege read

Jesse Singal, Here’s a New Way for Researchers to Find Stealth Atheists read

Terry Mortenson, The Religion of Naturalism read

Steve Pinkerton, Blasphemy isn’t just a problem in the Muslim world read