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Alex Jones, Bigotry, Falsehoods, and “Censorship”

Deo Ssekitoleko – Humanist Pioneer

What White Supremacy Really Means

The Nuwaubian Nation and Reactionary Black Nationalism

Donald Trump vs. Good Science

Black Music, Skepticism, Humanisim and Secularism

Religion and the Mis-Education of the Negro

The Trouble with Southern Baptists

Why Do So Many Progressive Theists Stick with Reactionary Churches?

Why I Promote Freethought, Atheism, and Humanism

Why Doesn’t Widespread Christian Hypocrisy Lead to More Doubt?

Christian Bigotry, Intolerance and the Sources of Morality

Follow Your Passion – and Let Go if Necessary

Inexpensive Sex and Its Impact Upon Society

Comedy and Religion

Donald Trump: The True Divider

What Black History Month Means to Me

Thoughts on Black Religion

Speaking with Historical Figures

A Socratic Dialogue with the Almighty God

Monuments and Their Messages

Questions for Deists, Pantheists, Panentheists, Religious Humanists (and Some Agnostics)

Are Women and Men Exactly the Same?

Dick Gregory: The Greatest Black Conspiracy Theorist of All Time

Giving Theists All They Can Handle

Is the Bible Really From God?

Making Progress by “Correcting the Bible”

Evolution: Still Terrifying Religionists After All These Years

Humanism for Head and Heart

Happily Defending Science and Reason - A Book Review

Blacks, Slavery, the Bible and History

Donald Trump and Louis Farrakhan: Bosom Buddies?

The Rage of a Black Atheist

Skepticism and Black Beliefs

A (Freethinking) Woman's Worth

Filling in the God of the Gaps

Farrakhan’s Folly About Acts of GOD

Conservative Christians, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and Progress

The Nation of Islam is A Hate Group

Donald Trump: Humanism's (and Humanitarianism's) Worst Nightmare

Beyond Mere Religious Hypocrisy To Power And Treachery

What would Count as Evidence for Theism or Biblical Inerrancy?

What would Count as Evidence against Theism or Biblical Inerrancy?

Doubt from a Black Perspective

From One Fascist to Another

Black Unity, Black Consciousness and Controversy -A book review by Norm Allen

Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon -A book review by Norm Allen

On Hypocrisy and Double Standards

Black Feminists and Hard-Core Rap Music

Why we Believe (or Not)

The “Myth of Progress”

More Thoughts on the Jehovah’s Witnesses

Good News from God? Really?

White Supremacy and Internalized Racism

Sexism in Organized Non-Theism

The Trouble with Faith and Religion

Already Missing the First Black President

Are All Stereotypes Created Equal?


Christianity Ain’t What it used to be

A Question (or Answer) of God

On “Operational Unity”

Bad Politics in the United States

A Ridiculously Biased View of Islam -A book review by Norm Allen

Humanists and Skeptics: An Uneasy Peace

Obama, Farrakhan and Islamophobia

Mein Kampf, Censorship, and Freedom

Frances Cress Welsing: Afrocentric Pseudoscientist

What have Non-Theists Contributed to the World?

Are Black Atheists Satanic Traitors with a Slave Mentality?

Half-Stepping Christians

Defending Science and Taking down Religion

Africa, Spirituality and Mental Illness

Church/State Separation Battles

On Misogyny, Intimidation and Shockingly Hateful Speech

Is Theism Ever Necessary?

On Morality and Legality: In Defense of Civil Libertarianism

God and (Opposite-sex) Marriage

The Downside of Altruism

Eurocentric Thought and Islamophobia: A Perfect Combination

The Unmitigated Horror of (Gasp!) Evolution

Standing on the Wrong Side of History

Organized Humanism in the Philippines

The Mystery of the Smart Religious Believer

God and the Problem of Evil

On Religiously Sanctioned Bigotry

God and Sports

Women’s Rights, Liberation, Religion and Humanism

Common Logical Fallacies and Cultual Criticism

Fifty Shades

On the Internet and Religion

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Freedom to Blaspheme and Freedom to Hate

Who is a Sellout?

Did God Exist Before the Big Bang?

On Torture and Its Disturbing Apologists

Who Are the “Real” Chosen People?

More Thoughts on a National Conversation on Race

Farrakhan, Ferguson and Foolishness

The God of the (Rapidly Closing) Gaps

Sadly, the N-word Will Never Die

Victor Stenger: Physicist, Philosopher, Author, Skeptic, and Atheist Debater

(January 29, 1935 – August 25, 2014)

Searching for a Good Conspiracy Theory

Skeptics of a Different Color

Blaming the Victim and a Victim Focused Identity

What Children Are Learning in Sunday school

A Superb Defense of Atheism - A Book Review

On Racism, Homophobia, the West and Africa

Good Religionists and the Tony Dungy Factor

The Problem with Afrocentricity - Part I

The Problem with Afrocentricity  Part II- A Book Review

On Black Non-Theism and Unity

On Humor and Its Not-So-Funny Consequences

Malcolm at His Finest - A Book Review

Secular Yet Religous

Is a Belief in Satan Harmless?

Black Love Affair with the Bible

Organized Unbelief, Social Justice and Branding

Duck Dyanasty Drivel

Humanist Benchmarks

Who Needs a National “Conversation on Race?”

Authoritarianism, Censorship and Civil Liberties

The Power(lessness) of Prayer

Legal Justice or “Just Us?”

On “True” Christians, etc.

Praise Gets in the Way

The Arrogance of Humanism, Another Black Non-theist Documentary

Contradiction, directed and narrated by Jeremiah Camara, 129 minutes 2013

A Review by Norm Allem

On Labels, Unity and Identity

On the Popes and “Sainthood”

A Need for Black Introspection: Beyond Trayvon Martin

Dissin’ Blacks in the Name of Science (Part 11)

Dissin’ Blacks in the Name of Science (Part 10)

Dissin’ Blacks in the Name of Science (Part 9)

Dissin’ Blacks in the Name of Science (Part 8)

Dissin’ Blacks in the Name of Science (Part 7)

Dissin’ Blacks in the Name of Science (Part 6)

Dissin’ Blacks in the Name of Science (Part 5)

Dissin’ Blacks in the Name of Science (Part 4)

Dissin’ Blacks in the Name of Science (Part 3)

Dissin’ Blacks in the Name of Science (Part 2)

Dissin’ Blacks in the Name of Science (Part 1)

You Can't (Win) with God on Your Side

Against Aggressive Secularism

More UFO Nonsense

Some Thoughts on Humanism, Animal Welfare and Animal Rights

The Worst Religious Extremists on the Planet

Another Caribbean Atheist Steps Up

From Mythology to Reality: Moving Beyond Rastafari, by Seon M. Lewis

A Review by Norm R. Allen Jr.

We Shall (Not) Overcome

Christianity and Black Oppression: Duppy Know Who Fe Frighten, by Zay Dilette Green

A Review by Norm R. Allen Jr.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

On the Link Between Religious Groups and Racial Prejudice

Humanism and People of Caribbean Descent

Theism, Tradition and Culture Versus Science, Fairness and Rationality

Slavery: Not Just a Relic of the Past

The Virtues of “Cowardice” and “Betrayal,” and an Appreciation for Genuine Progress




Norm R. Allen Jr. is the editor of two ground-breaking books,


 He is currently writing a third book, SECULAR, SUCCESSFUL and BLACK: 25 PROFILES.

For 21 years, Allen had been the first and only full-time African American secular humanist to travel the world promoting secular humanism. He has spoken on numerous radio and television shows including National Public Radio and "the and/or strenghthen 72 humanist groups in 30 African nations. His writings have appeared in numerous books and encyclopedias, including VOICES FOR EVOLUTION, published by the National Center for Science Education.



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