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Clinton Bennett, professor of comparative religion, SUNY New Paltz and Cambridge University.

Tim Dean, Ph.D. candidate at the University of New South Wales, editor of Australian Life Scientist magazine.

Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, novelist and professor of philosophy.

Susan Haack, professor of philosophy and law at the University of Miami.

Van Harvey, George Edwin Burnell Professor of Religious Studies (Emeritus) at Stanford University.

Linda LaScola, president of LaScola Qualitative Research.

Justin Meggitt, University Senior Lecturer, Director for the Study of Religion, Cambridge University.

Anthony Pinn, professor of religious studies, Rice University.


Olga Bourlin is the editor of The Human Prospect. A longtime skeptic, she has served as vice president of the Humanists of Washington. An unmitigated fan of the First Amendment, she co-founded and co-chaired the Northwest Feminist Anti-Censorship Taskforce. She has written for Free Inquiry, Apogee, The Secular Humanist Press, The Examiner (the newsletter for African Americans for Humanism (AAH)), and



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The Human Prospect: A Neo-Humanist Perspective is a peer-reviewed, indexed journal published by the Institute for Science and Human Values (ISHV). The journal focuses on the development and refinement of humanist values and ethics, as well as ways the humanist movement can foster them throughout society. It also covers new scientific evidence, theories, and conclusions, as well as their impact upon and relationship to society, values, and ethics. The journal publishes articles by academics and professionals in philosophy and ethics, sociology, demography, education, medicine, psychology, public policy, and other physical, biological, and social sciences. The narratives and reviews offer a humanist perspective on personal experiences, planetary culture, the arts and humanities, and traditional and online media. The journalís content is available by subscription and in universities and public libraries worldwide accessible on Academic Search Complete.



The Institute for Science and Human Values (ISHV) is a non-profit organization that promotes scientific inquiry and critical thinking in evaluating claims. It works to develop values that are naturalistic and humanistic in character and appropriate to the 21st century. Religion is often at the root of societyís ethical values, and ISHV endeavors to reevaluate them on rational grounds. It continues to enlist the brightest scientists and scholars from around the globe for that purpose. Its members are committed to better developing the common moral virtues that we share as human beings.











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