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Dying without Deity

Perspectives on Death and Dying Symposium

Promises to be an eye opening symposium. These topics have not been explored in one place, at one time, anywhere before. Walk out of Columbia University one of a few self believers informed and armed with solutions to deal with many of the end of life issues that our communities face.

Program to Date

•Disclosure of the discrimination nontheists experience when a relative or loved one has died including narratives that have been submitted to the Anti-Discrimination Support Network.

•An examination of religious discrimination in New York's, Florida's and California's medical facilities and discussion of the changes needed in order for the secular community to receive the same recognition and support as is provided to the religious community.

•How to prevent unwanted religious intrusion through advance directives.

•Is there a role for a secular humanist chaplaincy?

•Should one donate their organs upon death? How does one benefit from doing so?

•As opposed to end of life suicide there is despair suicide. What are the considerations of ending one's life in despair suicide? What of the loss of one's community and one's future self? Philosophical antecedents to these ideas through history will be shared.

•Do people have the right to die by committing end of life suicide? Who has the right to tell people that they should not embrace the choice to end their lives? Anyone? No one?

•Learn of secular ways to deal with one's own death. An exploration of Graeco-Roman philosophy's take on the last stage of life and how one can profit from an update on this ancient wisdom.

•How can one both mourn and celebrate the death of a loved one?

ISHV is extending a ten percent discount for early registration until February 15. Stay at the Aloft Hotel for only $199 a night available until March 8. Hurry! Don't miss out on these reduced prices. Register today. And yes, ISHV is offering the discount on the membership price, too.

See you there.

Paul Kurtz Receives Enthusiastic Welcome in

New Orleans

On Saturday, November 19, 2011, Paul Kurtz

spoke at a receptive and thrilled gathering hosted

by the New Orleans Secular Humanist Association. Kurtz discussed the need for personal morality and reason in guiding human beings to ethical excellence. Furthermore, Kurtz discussed the importance of exuberance in the life of the individual

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